The Third Man

Blu-Ray Rating: *****

Reviewed by: Robert Munro

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The Third Man

This film has been lovingly restored by StudioCanal, with the recent 4k digital restoration screening at Cannes and in cinemas across the country this summer. Details on the restoration are given in one of the film's many excellent extras, with the team selecting different prints from across the world to find the best quality film to scan in to the new digitally restored version.

Also included on the extras is an audio commentary with assistant director Guy Hamilton (who would go on to direct three Bond films), Simon Callow and Angela Allen (second unit) and a revealing documentary, though a little dated, piecing together the making of the film, Shadowing The Third Man.

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Perhaps the most interesting and unique extra is the Interactive Third Man Tour which allows the viewer to select locations on a digital map of the city to see the location in the film, and then in the present day, each of which is given a detailed introduction.

'The Third Man - a filmmaker's influence' allows directors like Martin Scorsese, Ben Wheatley, George Lucas and John Sayles to discuss the powerful influence that the film has had on their attitude to the movies, and there are illuminating interviews with both Joseph Cotten and Graham Greene included too.

Reviewed on: 21 Jul 2015
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A man searching for his missing friend in post-war Vienna uncovers a ruthless conspiracy.

Product Code: B00X7RHUFQ

Region: B

Ratio: 1.33:1

Extras: Audio commentary with Guy Hamilton, Simon Callow and Angela Allen; Shadowing The Third Man; Interview and zither performance by Cornelia Mayer; The Third Man interactive Vienna tour; The Third Man on the radio; Guardian audio interview with Joseph Cotten and Grahame Greene; Joseph Cotten's Alternative opening voiceover narration; The Third Man - a filmmaker's influence; Restoring The Third Man; Dangerous Edge - Graham Greene documentary & Trailer.

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