The Son's Room

Blu-Ray Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Robert Munro

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The Son's Room
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Copy pictureThis newly restored release of The Son’s Room looks ravishing, and the sound quality is excellent. There isn’t much in the way of extras: just an Interview with Nanni Moretti and Laura Morante at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. Both Moretti and Morante are engaging, and offer insight into the film’s development. For example, Moretti reveals he was drawn to the idea of writing his characters as a psychoanalyst to analyse how someone deals with pain and grief, when their job requires them to be attuned to the pain and grief of others.. It is a little stilted. Moretti answers in Italian, which is then translated into French on set, with an English voice over for the viewers at home. It is often quite difficult to hear the English translation over the French interpreter.

Reviewed on: 24 Nov 2020
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A family grives over the loss of their son in a freak diving accident.
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Region: 0

Ratio: 16:9

Sound: Dobly Digital 5.1

Extras: Interview with Nanni Moretti and Laura Morante

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