The Smuggler

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

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The Mule

Copy pictureThe Smuggler - aka The Mule - comes with a breezy, if rather insubstantial set of extras. There are seven deleted/extended scenes along with a handful of featurettes, running at 15 minutes in total. These are promotional in nature, made with the intention of enticing people to see/buy the film rather than to add further detail for those who already have. The best is probably the short but sweet 1983 America's Cup featurette, where the writers and some of the cast talk about the joys of writing/speaking in 'Aussie'. The package is completed by a trailer.

Reviewed on: 22 Feb 2016
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A naïve drug mule in police custody who’s swallowed heroin pellets fights the urge to expel the evidence as mobsters and corrupt cops close in.

Product Code: TF035

Region: 0

Ratio: 16:9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Deletec/extended scenes, featurettes: Who, What, Where, When, Ego, Ticking Time Bomb, 1983 America's Cup, Bonus Trailer

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