The Simpsons: Risky Business

DVD Rating: *

Reviewed by: Gator MacReady

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The picture is so much better looking than the episodes on Seasons 1 and 2. Like I said, the animation is far more complex and detailed and the show's bright colour palette is flawless here. The aspect ratio is 1.33:1, as drawn.

The Season sets offer all the episodes remixed in Dolby 5.1, but here they're in plain old-fashioned Dolby Surround. This is how they're broadcast on TV, but they do sound better through your speakers on DVD than BBC 2 or Sky 1 airings. The later seasons have superior audio connection and if these were in 5.1 they would sound pretty damn cool, but you'll have to wait...a long time!

As with the Season sets, the extras are slim to none - why do they take so long, then? - and all we have here is a compilation of Chief Wiggum's best moments. He's hilarious, but not my fave. That honour goes to Disco Stu.

Reviewed on: 05 May 2003
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The Simpsons: Risky Business packshot
Collection of The Simpsons TV cartoons, themed around the subject of the title.
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Product Code: 22280DVD

Region: 2

Ratio: 4:3 Full Frame

Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo Surround 2.0

Extras: Special feature on donut muncher, Chief Clancy Wiggum

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