Planet Of The Apes

DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Josh Morrall

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Planet Of The Apes

God bless HBO! Once again, their Making Of featurette gives us the lowdown on how, why and who on anything related to the film. With 13 hours of extras to contend with, this already legendary featurette struggles to be best-of-the-best on the two - count 'em! - discs.

Normally, when you see featurettes, you're watching a five-to-ten minute documentary, with (mostly) interviews. However, each of the SEVEN featurettes featured here are half an hour long and every one gives you an in-depth and interesting insight into every aspect of the film. Each is well put together, with just the right amount of clips, interviews and new material to always keep your eyes on the screen.

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In the ways of Stills Galleries and press releases, this DVD is much like Fight Club Special Edition, which also had an uncountable amount of stills from the film, production notes, posters and all the nitty bits produced before a movie release.

In all honestly, the sheer girth of the disc cannot be explained. The featurettes take up the most time and the rest is more or less a novelty that will wear off after a while. To cope with absolutely everything, you will have to have LOVED the film - and I'm talking obsessively adoring it.

Thirteen hours is a lot of time. Devote one whole day of your life, stock up on food and move the fridge into the living room. Put on your sweat pants and loose fitting tee shirt and prepare yourself for one of the fullest film experiences of your life.

You may feel cheated, wasted, unloved and overwhemingly dissappointed, but, at least, you will always be able to say: "I had The Planet Of The Apes total experience."

Keep your reciept.

Reviewed on: 14 Mar 2002
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Tim Burton's monkeys are revolting.
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Product Code: 22080DVD

Region: 2

Ratio: 16:9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Disc One: Enhanced Viewing Mode; Director and Composer Commentaries; Cast and Crew Profiles. Disc Two: Seven Featurettes: Simian Academy, Face Like A Monkey, Ape Couture, Chimp Symphony, On Location, Swinging From The Trees, Screen Test; Multi Angle Shooting Feature; Five Extended Scenes; Making Of featurette; Paul Oakenfield video; Trailers and TV Spots; Posters and Press Kits; Music Promo; Stills Gallery; Scene Access; Multi Lingual Subtitles

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