The Official George Best Story

The Official George Best Story

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Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

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50 Greatest Goals - You have seen them already. For the record, it's good to be reminded.

Best On United Today - tiny section of a longer interview. He doesn't say anything controversial, except that it's the only team worth playing for at present. He won't compare it with the old days although, after watching 50 Greatest Goals, you know there is noone to compare with the 22-year-old Georgie. He looks tired now. Perhaps he's fed up being asked the same questions. He retains his sense of humour and the charm is still intact.

Alex Best On George Best - Alex is a beautiful girl. "He retired the year I was born." She admits to knowing nothing about the game and caring less. "I knew his name, but I didn't know much about him." She loves the guy for other reasons. "I take him on face value." She has a twinkle in her eye.

Reviewed on: 04 Oct 2001
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Documentary about the well-loved Man Utd football star.
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