The Lair

Blu-Ray Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Neil Marshall's The Lair

Lots of fun on repeat viewing, The Lair is a great addition to the collection of any action or horror fan, and a must for fans of director Neil Marshall, showcasing some of his best work. It's accompanied here by a short Making Of featurette which includes interviews with various members of the cast and crew. It addresses matters like Marshall's way of working with actors, the use of practical effects and the experience of shooting in Hungary. Alongside what we're told, we get to observe the chemistry within the team and the passion for the project which contribute to making the film an enjoyable watch.

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2023
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When Royal Air Force pilot Lt. Kate Sinclair is shot down over Afghanistan, she finds refuge in an abandoned underground bunker where deadly man-made biological weapons - half human, half alien - are awakened.

Product Code: B0BGSNPZ53

Region: 0

Extras: Making Of featurette

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