The Housemaid

Blu-Ray Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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The Housemaid

This stunningly beautiful film transfers nicely to Blu-ray and DVD (this is a dual play disc) with the single exception of the sound, which needs to be turned up very high to hear the conversation properly, something that may annoy your neighbours when it swells for the jump scares. If you have tolerant neighbours, it's a film best watched late at night either alone or with your other half.

Alongside the film, you'll find the original theatrical trailer, but there are no other extras here.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 15 Feb 2018
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A peasant girl who embarks on a romance with the landowner she serves begins to suspect that the spirit of his dead wife resents her.
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Product Code: B077R4K26L

Region: 2

Sound: 5.1 surround sound or stereo

Extras: Theatrical trailer

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