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Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

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The documentary has been well thought out and lasts a little less than half an hour. There are outtakes from the film, shots of the making and sound-bit interviews with the director and stars.

Amenabar looks incredibly young, very serious and never speaks without thinking. He has an intensity that is rare amongst directors. Torrent, Martinez and Eduardo Noriega are excellent, also. They have a natural charm and ease with their replies. Torrent admits with a laugh that Amenabar can be "a bit overbearing." She had never reahearsed so much for a film in her life. Amenabar admits, "I treat actors like puppets." The last person who said that was Alfred Hitchcock.

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The Filmographies are written biogs of the main contenders and the Trailer is a bit disappointing. Roger Clarke's (who he?) Film Notes are not notes, but a review of the movie and an interesting analysis of Amenabar's work to date. Definitely a plus for movie buffs.

Reviewed on: 22 Dec 2001
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A student, researching violence in film for a thesis, discovers an active cell of snuff moviemakers.
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Extras: Documentary; Filmographies; Trailer; Roger Clarke Film Notes

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