Tale Of Tales

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

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Salma Hayek stars as a jealous queen in Tale of Tales.

Matteo Garrone's opulent Tale of Tales is such a triumph in terms of look that it's a shame Curzon Artificial Eye didn't splash out on an eextra dealing more exclusively with the production and opulent ostume design.

As it is the extras are simply the trailer plus three interviews - with Garrone and his stars Salma Hayek and Toby Young. They benefit from the intelligence of the trio, who offer thoughtful and in-depth answers. Inevitably, Garrone's is the most interesting - and the longest at 17 minutes. He talks about the genesis of the project and the way that he approached and selected just three stories from Giambattista Basile's massive collection of stories. Citing the influence of everyone from Mario Bava to Goya, he offers solid insight into his motivations and methods.

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Hayek talks about the need to "be brave" when working with Garrone, who both stars suggest is an exacting director. Both she and Jones offer some interesting observations on their own technique. Their contributions are short - Eight minutes and 12 minutes respectively - but much more interesting than that running time might suggest.

Reviewed on: 07 Aug 2016
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Collection of fairy tales. In one, Salma Hayek is a jealous queen and in another Vincent Cassel plays a king who encounters two mysterious sisters. In a third a king raises a gigantic flea.
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Region: 0

Ratio: 16:9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Interviews with Matteo Garrone, Salma Hayek and Toby Jones, original trailer

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