Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Caro Ness

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The quality of sound and picture is excellent, however, the extras are somewhat average - and the lack of subtitles in this day and age is nothing short of criminal. The main additional feature here is a commentary track with writer Megan Holley and producer Greg Williamson. It's interesting up to a point - at least in terms of the genesis of the project (it began when Holley's script won a competition at which Greg was one of the jurors) and the casting of young Jason Spevack as Oscar, which happened at the last minute - but the longer it runs the duller it becomes. Some of the information given is relevant but a lot of the chat is more 'an appreciation' of a film, rather than fleshing out the filmmaking decisions. It's a shame director Christine Jeffs was not on hand to offer a little more insight, or that none of the actors could have been enticed to venture some 'colour commentary' to proceedings.

Th American trailer and UK trailer are both included, although since they are identical, it is hard to see why they need both feature. The featurette A Fresh look At A Dirty Business features real life female bio recovery team called A&M Bio-Recovery, which comprises Marie Fitzgerald and Donna Hook.

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Fitzgerald and Hook assess what is funny and what is definitely not in the film, how events can overtake you and accidents can happen and what they wear, do and say to help the people whose houses they visit to clean up after a tragedy.

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2009
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Two sisters try to forge a career in crime scene clean-up.
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Product Code: HFD8869B

Region: 1

Ratio: 2.40:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Commentary track with writer Megan Holley and producer Greg Williams, trailers, A Fresh Look At A Dirty Business

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