Strange Bedfellows

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: David Haviland

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Strange Bedfellows is a fairly comprehensive DVD package, with a nice range of extras and a good quality print.

Special features include a number of cinema and TV trailers and the poster. There are also some deleted scenes, although why anyone would want to watch stuff that wasn't good enough to make the finished version is beyond me.

The package also includes interviews with director Dean Murphy and stars Paul Hogan and Michael Caton, which mostly consist of the usual PR guff about how wonderful everyone was to work with.

Hogan's interview, however, is a treat. First, he shamelessly talks up the film, at one point describing director Murphy as "an undiscovered genius". Then, he goes on to discuss his own role. Boasting about his tendency to ad lib, he jokes: "If I was in Shakespeare, I'd still ad lib a few lines."

Other features include some Behind The Scenes footage and a couple of local Australian TV features promoting the film. There are also a series of text biographies of the principals and a photo gallery.

Reviewed on: 31 Mar 2005
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Two macho Aussies learn tolerance and respect after pretending to be a gay couple.
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Product Code: D098567

Region: 2

Sound: Dolby Digital

Extras: Interviews with cast and crew; deleted scenes; Behind The Scenes; film biogs; photo gallery; TV promos; trailers

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