Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort

Blu-Ray Rating: **

Reviewed by: David Graham

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The sole extra is a newly recorded 45-minute interview with Hill, who expounds in some detail on his motives behind the picture and how apolitical it was meant to be, as well as going into interesting detail about the characters.

He also offers up some nice anecdotes about the actors, but it would have been good to hear more about his overall career (he's 26 films into his career now, with Sly-starrer Bullet In The Head around the corner), or to have a cast commentary after all these years.

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The packaging is nice and the A/V presentation is reasonable but the film deserves better.

Reviewed on: 18 Dec 2012
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National Guardsmen on an remote exercise run into trouble on the bayou.
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Region: B

Ratio: 16:9

Extras: Interview with Walter Hill

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