Screaming Masterpiece

Screaming Masterpiece

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Anton Bitel

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The disc includes almost an hour of additional interview material and while this is essentially outtakes from the film, it is well worth seeing.

First up is the Apparat Organ Quartet, who describe themselves hilariously as a "knitting circle of organ players" and relate how they were originally formed as a joke band for a car advertisement but then stayed together, and reveal that their Kraftwerk-like noodlings are all played live by hand without any sequencing. They are "ironically" nerdy and amiably pointless.

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Second is the amazing Einar Orn Benediktsson, who describes his great influence on Iceland's music scene in such seminal bands as Purrkur Pillnikk, Kukl, Sugarcubes and now Ghostigital.

Third is Mum, who liken their composition style to soup making and show off their unusual-looking Stroh violin, invented in Austria around 1900 to produce a sound loud enough to record on wax cylinders.

Fourth comes the surrealist poet Sjon, who, with a self-importance that is not entirely misplaced, recounts the part he played over the decades on the periphery of various music and film projects involving Bjork. She is, according to him, "like an audio book reciting my poetry around the world" - although one suspects that Bjork might see her own role in their sometime partnership as a little less subordinate than that.

Lastly there is Kjartan Sveinsson of Sigur Ros, who likes the "certain easy going mood" of Iceland, and struggles to think of anything besides their music that he and his fellow band members have in common. "We all like beer," he suggests, before adding sagely, "but who doesn't?"

Besides all this, there is Screaming Selector, a glorified scene select option that enables viewers to skip ahead to their favourite band in the film. There are also band biographies and web links available as DVD-ROM content.

Reviewed on: 07 Jun 2006
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A look at the Icelandic music industry, its roots and stars.
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Region: 2

Ratio: 16.9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo

Extras: Additional interviews; ROM content; trailer; Soda Pictures trailer reel

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