Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3

DVD Rating: *1/2

Reviewed by: Josh Morrall

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The Making Of Scary Movie 3 is much longer than I was expecting and substantially more informative as well. David Zucker is on hand to provide numerous tips on how to direct a comedy (make sure your actors don't try to be funny, make them play the role straight). You will have to skim through the usual compliments between actors, but there are a number of funny interviews to keep you interested.

Deleted Scenes offer more cameos - look out for the Extended Rap Club scene which shows you a slagging match between Simon Cowel and Anthony Anderson. This is where you will locate the Hulk vs. Aliens Alternative Ending, which can be described as just about the most ridiculous footage that has ever been shot for a film. All deleted scenes come equipped with an optional commentary featuring Zucker, Producer Robert K. Weiss and the film's two writers. The commentaries present nothing informative, especially as the Making Of extra stated clearly that nothing survived of the original script, so why the writers are present is beyond me. In fact, why anyone is present is beyond me as most of the time all that can be heard is the inaudible sound of four voices talking simultaneously. Avoid.

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The Outtakes and Bloopers are mostly the usual unfunny fair, although there are one or two funny moments, mostly due to Leslie Nielson.

The Behind the Scenes of the Alternative Ending takes itself seriously and is therefore quite useful as well as being interesting to watch. It is short enough to hold your attention until its end and has enough informative details to allow you to feel satisfied after viewing.

Making Scary Movie 3 FOR REAL is supposed to be a spoof documentary, a purely comic piece presenting 'the real' attitude on set, where cast members criticise the director and so forth. This extra is four minutes long and feels unfinished, a half hearted attempt at producing a mockumentary. The major flaw here is that this Making Of is no different from the first one and you could easily be led to believe that all of the insults delivered by the producer and actors are based on truth. It aims at the right place, but misfires completely. Sharper editing could have made this more enjoyable, perhaos, but I doubt it.

The Audio Commentary features the same crew members who delivered the commentary for the Deleted Scene. The same style of humour is shared by all men talking here and so for a lot of the time it consists of them insulting each other sarcastically, being arrogant and making ridiculous jokes instead of providing accurate detail. Could be funny if you're in the right mood, but watch the Making Of for actual filmmaking information.

An occasionally funny, but mostly irritating disc. Could have been better, just like the film, but the Making Of makes up for the utter tripe that is the REAL Making Of. The other extra features are mediocre, with nothing original on offer and jokes that are commonly off target. More footage with Leslie Nielson would have provided more quality, but instead we are left with a DVD that does not try very hard to appeal and therefore doesn't.

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2004
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Third instalment in the comedy horror spoof.
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Extras: 10 Deleted Scenes, Making of Scary Movie 3, Making Scary Movie 3 FOR REAL, Outtakes/Bloopers, Hulk vs. Aliens: Behind the Scenes of the Alternate Ending, Feature Commentary with director David Zucker

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