Sands Of Iwo Jima

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Reviewed by: Jeff Robson

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Sands Of Iwo Jima

Copy pictureSound and picture quality are good, but alas no extras. Subtitles, and that’s your lot. A documentary on the making of the film would have been illuminating, especially from a modern perspective, given the obvious amount of co-operation the film-makers had from the US Marine Corps. And it was such a key film in Wayne’s career (and might have been the same for the original choice for Stryker, Kirk Douglas!) that a look at how it fits into his filmography would be equally entertaining. As with so many of these re-issues, a missed opportunity.

Reviewed on: 09 Jun 2008
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A tough US Marines sergeant trains a squad of new recruits and leads them into battle, culminating in the fierce fighting at Iwo Jima.
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