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Reviewed by: James Gracey

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Rogue is croc-full of extra features, including an audio commentary by writer/director Greg Mclean and The Making Of Rogue: A Documentary by Greg McLean, featuring interviews with the various cast and crew members involved with almost every facet of the filmmaking process.

McLean’s commentary proves insightful, accessible and always entertaining. The director obviously carried out painstaking research to enrich the production of his second feature. His comments range from on set anecdotes to step-by-step analyses of how certain shots and scenes where put together and how he strived to obtain a realistic and believable feel for the film. Rogue might be just "another giant monster movie", but with someone as enthusiastic and thorough as McLean at the helm, it has been elevated and rendered a high quality and effective film that really packs a punch. Or should that be bite?

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Welcome To The Territory is another in-depth behind the scenes feature in three parts focusing on the special effects, the music and the location of Rogue. Its not difficult to see how Rogue far surpasses similar genre entries with the sheer amount of care and detail that has been lavished upon it by all involved - the featurette on how the film was scored proves essential viewing as composer François Tataz talks us through his reasons for utilising the astounding array of musical instruments he did.

Last but by no means least; The Real Rogue takes a peak at the genesis of the story: a five-metre long crocodile nicknamed ‘Sweetheart’ that terrorised the salt water rivers of the Northern Territory in the Seventies.

With these staggeringly in depth extras, Rogue is a must for genre fans who like their giant-croc films a snap above the rest.

Reviewed on: 14 Oct 2009
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Snappy creature feature sees croc go wild in the outback.
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Product Code: ICON70183

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.85:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Audio commentary by Greg McLean, The Making of Rogue: A Documentary, Welcome To The Territory, The Real Rogue

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