Rich Hall: Hell No I Ain't Happy

Rich Hall: Hell No I Ain't Happy

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: Adadm Micklethwaite

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The only special feature on the DVD is Rich Hall’s Live At The Apollo set, which some fans will already have seen on TV. At 14 minutes in length, this is not a particularly expansive extra feature and, even more disappointingly, it features a repetition of several routines taken from the main show. Much of the appeal of comedy lies in the illusion of spontaneity, so to shatter this illusion by repeating some of the same jokes twice on the same DVD feels like a pretty redundant exercise.

Given that this is the comedian’s debut on DVD, I think we can be forgiven for expecting a little more effort to have gone into the extra features, especially with such a long career from which to draw material. Nevertheless the Apollo set does end with a great skit on Rich’s trip to Buckingham Palace, which helps to remind us why we like the guy so much in the first place and even goes some way to redeeming the limitations of the DVD extras.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 06 Jan 2010
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The stand-up comic on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo.
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