Randall and Hopkirk Deceased Vol 5

Randall and Hopkirk Deceased Vol 5

DVD Rating: *

Reviewed by: Gabriella Trybalska

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For a Sixties programme the technical stuff, such as sound and picture quality, is especially good. It's just a shame that, once again, the extras let this DVD down.

Granted that the usual fillers, like a trailer, can't be expected, but they could have dug out some old documentary about the programme, or an interview with some of the actors, or even a featurette on the stars of the recent remake, with Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves.

Copy picture

Instead, they opt for the cheap version - let's face it, that's all this is - and cheat viewers into looking at a Stills Gallery, containing pictures from the programme they are about to watch

Another poor show.

Reviewed on: 18 Apr 2002
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Randall and Hopkirk Deceased Vol 5 packshot
Episodes 15-18 of popular Sixties British TV series about a private eye ghost.
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Product Code: 37115 02373

Region: 2

Ratio: 4:3

Sound: Dolby Digital Mono

Extras: Stills Gallery

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