Public Enemy

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Keith Hennessey Brown

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Sound and image on this Region 0 PAL DVD from Tartan Video are fine, though nothing to write home about.

The most substantial extra is a 39 minute Making Of promo that is best watched after the film, as it contains spoilers. While hardly riveting, it does give a bit of contexualisation - the film saw Sung-jae Lee cast against type and Kying-gu Sol bulk up by 30lbs for his role - which is more than can be said for the 16 minutes of outtakes that represent a challenge to sit through even once.

Three deleted scenes running five and a half minutes in total feel somewhat unnecessary given that the film could have done with pruning as it is.

The package is rounded off with a music video for all those Korean rock fans out there, the film's original trailer - which tellingly emphasises the violence and action aspects rather than the social satire - and a bevy of trailers for other Tartan Asia Extreme product.

Reviewed on: 05 Apr 2004
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Public Enemy packshot
A psychotic cop in Seoul has a vendetta against a businessman who murdered his parents.
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Product Code: TVD3438

Region: 0

Ratio: Wide Screen Anamorphic

Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0

Extras: Making Of featurette; trailers; deleted scenes; outtakes

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