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Reviewed by: Trash Fletcher

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There's not much to be said about the extras, except that they're phenomenally boring. The trailer is not even remotely exciting and the deleted scenes are plain dull. The sound is so poor that you'll have to crank your TV up to the gigawatt limit to even hear what's going on.

The director's commentary is literally just that. It sounds as lonely as the film itself. Henry Bromell could be a college lecturer in the process of sending half his students to sleep.

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Next we have really naff information about film nominations, one of which isn't even for Panic, and a rubbish review saying how great it is.

On a positive note, there are cast biographies that might almost be interesting, but, since you can find this sort of thing on the Internet, they don't rate highly as a unique DVD bonus.

Principal cast and production credit list? Hang on! How can they claim this as a special feature when it is already written on the DVD cover sleeve? It's like showing off about animated menus and chapter selection.

Reviewed on: 13 Nov 2005
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A hitman with a mid-life crisis meets a girl more messed up than him.
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Product Code: ODX20377RD

Region: 2

Ratio: 16.9 Anamorphic

Sound: Dolby Digital stereo

Extras: Trailer; deleted scenes; film background; star biographies; principal cast and production credit list; web link

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