Outpost: Black Sun

Outpost: Black Sun

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Some films naturally suit the small screen. Although Outpost: Black Sun has some early landscape photography that benefits from space, most of its story is told in cramped locations that transfer well, with domestic viewing adding to their inherent sense of claustrophobia. Little detail is lost.

This DVD is a fairly basic package with subtitles, scene selection and a making-of documentary. The latter shouldn't be watched until after the film as it contains a few spoilers. It will be of particular interest to low-budget filmmakers as it gives a thorough insight into the process behind the film. Details of set, prop and costume design stand out as they're rarely explored in depth elsewhere. Some viewers may find this a bit dull but there are great tips there if you look for them.

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The documentary also gives insights into character construction and the acting process. It' nice to see zombies getting to speak for themselves for a change, discussing the different kind of growl they used to express themselves. Make-up that might now be too familiar to make much impression in the film itself is intriguing when we see it being applied to initially young and healthy looking actors.

Overall, this is a solid little film that has no amazing extra assets but should please fans.

Reviewed on: 20 Aug 2012
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The daughter of a Nazi hunter is looking for revenge and stumbles across an undead Nazi army.
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Extras: Making-of documentary, subtitles, scene selection.

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