Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: Paul Griffiths

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The disc's sound and picture quality is basic at best, but then again this doc was never looking to give your surrounds a good workout. As the featurette explains, the vast majority of Fox News clips come from months of on-air DVD recording that has then been transferred over. The process has kept all of that graininess and blocky pixellation that (typically from a European point of view) seems to characterise US television. It adds to the authenticity of the piece. However, much of the caption scrolling along the bottom of the screen comes across as pretty illegible - not that this really matters.

The Behind The Scenes featurette is intriguing as it adds to the film's intentions. Robert Greenwald explains how a very small production outfit put this globally important film together. There is video diary footage from several of the volunteers from across the States who took shifts in watching Fox for months, scoring particular areas of its coverage. Together they emphasise the "small people vs. the Corporation" argument, and so success of the film.

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In conclusion, director Robert Greenwald makes explicit his intention to make a provocatively truthful film that he hopes will encourage people to demand change. To follow this through, the featurette plugs a number of internet resources to bring people together.

Finally, there is no direct chapter selection available from the intro menu, which is a minor downside in terms of accessibility as a resource.

Reviewed on: 08 Jan 2005
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Documentary about bias on the Fox News channel.
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Extras: Behind The Scenes featurette

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