DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Daniel Hooper

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Included on the disc is an original theatrical trailer and a 30-minute ‘making of’ (Danish, with English subtitles). This feature is a cut above most, featuring a lot of on-set footage and containing plenty of insight into all stages of the production, from directing, camerawork, lighting and sound, to promotion. Unfortunately it is a little bulked out with scenes from the movie, as is the way with these electronic press kit-type features, but is a good watch if you enjoy the movie or want a little insight into low-budget filmmaking.

The transfer isn’t brilliant as the footage looks quite grainy, giving the film a DTV feel - although this is quite appropriate for the film. The film is in Danish language with removable English subtitles.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 08 Apr 2008
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A game of dare leads to trouble for two pals in this killer thriller.
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Product Code: MTD5338

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.85.1 Widescreen

Sound: Dolby Digital 2:0

Extras: Making of, trailer

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