Night Of The Living Deb

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Night Of The Living Deb

Spoof comedies like this are most enjoyable when watched in a group, so Night Of The Living Deb will fit neatly into your party collection. Although it has several major weaknesses as a film, it's supported here by a generous set of extras which add to its appeal and will please fans.

This begins with an introduction by the Frightfest Presents team, who are clearly enamoured with it, and there are also trailers for the other films in this batch of DVD releases on the label. There's also a lengthy Making Of feature. Lines like "I always liked the idea of a hero waking up hungover and it taking, like, several horrific things before they actually wake up and do something" illuminate some of the problems with the film but suggest it's not intentionally derivative, and everyone involved seems genuine. This is a very engaging feature, with lots of laughter, suggesting that they all had a lot of fun on the set. As well as looking at the film itself, it looks at the making of the Kickstarter campaign and discourses on the importance of getting such campaigns right, a key part of the indie filmmaking experience today.

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In addition to this there's a blooper reel. A scene which requires one of the stars to catch olives in her mouth provides an obvious place to start, but much of what we see here isn't do much actors making errors as actors messing about. It's quite endearing but one can't help thinking that it must have been a nightmare for the producer. Whilst it clearly added to the chemistry between the actors (who also describe how they fed each other, drove each other to and fro the set and turned up when they weren't needed to see if they could help out), it is probably to blame for the rushed look of some scenes, eating into available shooting time.

Finally, there's a commentary track, which is well populated by dominated, unsurprisingly, by star Maria Thayer. There's a fair bit of additional comedy here for viewers to enjoy, whilst an attempt is made to address common questions from fan screenings. This is a film which wouldn't have been made without the fans and on this DVD a serious effort is made to reward them.

Reviewed on: 29 Apr 2016
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When an awkward girl wakes up with a pretty boy, she soon finds herself rejected - until he realises they're in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Product Code: B01BIW7EMU

Region: 2

Extras: Introduction; Making Of; Bloopers; Commentary

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