Neon Genesis Evangelion

Blu-Ray Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Donald Munro

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

The audio and visual quality of the episodes is good. The new dubs are better than the the ones from the 1990s. They do tone done some of the emotion - "hate" become "don't like" etc. Unfortunately the original end credits had to be replaced. They used to be different performances of Bart Howard's Fly Me To The Moon. Obtaining the licences for these 25 year old recordings probably proved too difficult (to do it you would have to track down all the musicians or their heirs).

The menu system on the Blu-ray is clear and easy to navigate. It doesn't waste you time with pointless transitions or annoy you with repetitious sounds or music.

There is a substantial amount of bonus material. Most of it is for hard core fans but there is not much for those who are new to the series or who want some explanatory content. There is an alternate take off the final scene that makes Asuka's opinion of Shinji crystal clear.

Reviewed on: 08 Dec 2021
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A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots.

Product Code: B09F1FVDL7

Region: 0

Extras: 26 episodes plus Evangelion:Death(Truth)^2 plus The End of Evangelion; Animatic Collection; TV commercials; TV première promos; Japanese voice auditions; Genesis 0:0 In The Beginning; image board collection; Japanese Blu-ray box commercial; music videos: The Cruel Angel’s Thesis; Genesis 0:0 The Light From The Darkness; deleted live action scene; Making Of Live Action Scene; theatrical teaser; theatrical trailer; TV spots; final scene alternate take; full songs - Musunde Hiraite,; Episode:25' Love Is Destructive (Partial Animatic); Music Videos: Soul’s Refrain’ by Yoko Takahashi; Thanatos – If I Can’t Be Yours by Loren & Mash; Armageddon by Shiro Sagisu and Memories Of Heaven by Megumi Hayashibara.

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