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Reviewed by: James Benefield

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The main extra is a 40 minute behind-the-scenes featurette, involving interviews with director Joon-ho Bong and most of the cast. More of an on-set documentary than anything else, this is a pleasantly low key affair which begins, quite fittingly, with some of the actors’ recollections of their own mothers. The actress who plays the mother in the film, Hye-ja Kim, comes across as half Method – stumbling around the set with a permanent middle-distance look in her eye – and half an ethereal version of Meryl Streep. And although she's all about the theatre and the commitment, with a great smile, she seems – a bit like the movie – as if existing on another plain.

There's a seven minute piece on the transformation of Hye-ja Kim. We learn that she hates the term “transformation” and plays the mother as someone developing, rather than metamorphosing. Somewhat worryingly, there is a lot of footage of her screaming incessantly. She wanted to get it right, it seems. However, the featurette proves a definite insight into her working methods.

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Before the package is rounded off with a trailer, there are a few minutes of frippery, which is billed as a reflection from cast and crew. The contents differ little from what we've seen already – more onset footage, complemented with interviews. But it's a cute addition nevertheless, focusing mainly on the trippy, shakicam dance sequence that closes the movie.

Reviewed on: 07 Oct 2010
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A mother tries to prove her son's innocence.
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Extras: Behind The Scenes featurette; The Transformation of Hy-ja Kim; cast and crew reflect; trailer

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