Lost: Series 2 Part 1

DVD Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

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Lost comes with a fairly comprehensive set of extras - especially considering that this is only half a series. The series discs contain a handful of commentary tracks for the episodes. This handful are certainly enough, with the backbone of them presented by executive producers, although Evangeline Lily pops up on her character Kate's commentary.

The commentary tracks are largely production-based although some of the connections between the characters are discussed - meaning it is probably better to watch them after watching all the episodes, so as to avoid spoilers. None of the tracks are particularly memorable, however, and would have benefited from more input from the cast. Of the three of them, the one accompanying The 23rd Psalm is probably the best featuring some interesting anecdotes about the series' monster.

Once you've battled past the obligatory trailers on the extras disc, there's quite a lot to commend it. The Lost Flashbacks are previously unshown footage of character flashbacks, brief but interesting as far as they go. None are vital, however.

Lost on Location, is more interesting. Taking seven episodes, props and set are discussed - if you ever wondered how to make a shark, now's your chance toind out. These are cleverly framed and at around three to five minutes each, offer an insight into the production process without overstaying their welcome. The snippets of interview with the cast are interesting, particularly as we get to hear the cast's real accents - revealing just how many of them are British.

Flashbacks and Mythology is also interesting, if rather short at just 10 minutes. Again there is a lot of production detail discussed - but don't expect any major revelations.

The deleted scenes and photo gallery are as you would expect, while the David LaChapelle promo is entertaining enough but not something you're going to watch more than once.

There is, allegedly, an easter egg but I had enough trouble wading through all the episodes and easily accessible extras in the three days I was allowed to keep the review copy of the disc and failed dismally to uncover the 'secret under the hatch'.

The picture and sound are as good as you would expect from such a new series and the episode subtitles clear and easy to read - although not present on the commentary tracks, which is a shame.

It is a shame they didn't include chapter start points within the indexing system. Although you can jump between scenes, they aren't shown in the menus.

Overall, this is a solid DVD release but not one that you are going to get Lost in for a long time.

Reviewed on: 20 Jul 2006
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Plane crash survivors continue their journey of discovery.
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Region: 2

Ratio: Widescreen 16:9 Anamorphic

Sound: Dolby Digital (5.1)

Extras: Lost Flashbacks, Lost on Location, Flashbacks & Mythology, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, photo gallery, promo by David LaChapelle

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