Legend Of The Mountain

Blu-Ray Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Legend Of The Mountain

Legend Of The Mountain comes to dual format DVD and Blu-ray in a beautiful print featuring new English subtitles (much better than the original ones, which King Hu hated). It's accompanied by a short documentary which does a lot to place it in context for newcomers and contains some strong material (though it's unfortunate that presenter can't pronounce wuxia), and by an interview which is similarly useful.

There's also a stills gallery here and the original theatrical trailer, which makes the film seem both more dramatic and quite a bit darker in tone than it really is. Plus there's a commemorative booklet densely packed with stills and behind the scenes pictures as well as a great deal of textual information. In sum, this is a feast for fans and will add a lot more to the experience of the film for others.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 18 Mar 2018
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A travelling scholar is assigned the task of translating a Buddhist scripture for a ceremony honouring dead soldiers. On his journey through the haunting mountain landscapes, he encounters temptress ghosts and Taoist priests, ancient abandoned fortresses and inns.
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Product Code: B0784LFPSH

Region: 2

Sound: Uncompressed LPCM mono audio

Extras: Screen Legend: The Mgic of King Hu; Tony Raynes on Legend of the Mountain; Stills gallery; trailer; booklet

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