In The Line of Duty - Ambush in Waco

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Gabriella Trybalska

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The extras are very much standard fare. There is the obligatory trailer, as well as an extra three for other films in the series. The information covered in the History Of The Film is immense and goes on to talk about different characters in the film, as well as Koresh and his followers. The biographies are self-explanatory.

The overall sound and picture quality is excellent. Interestingly enough, there are no subtitles, which could prove to be a turn off.

All in all, while the extras do not sound like much, they are in fact semi-impressive.

Reviewed on: 09 Feb 2002
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In The Line of Duty - Ambush in 
Waco packshot
A fanatical religious group takes their own lives in a horrific fire in Waco, Texas, as the world watches.
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Product Code: ODX 20061

Region: 2

Ratio: 4:3

Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo

Extras: trailer; history of the film and real events at Waco; cast biogs; additional trailers for In The Line Of Duty films, Telling Secrets, Shattering The Silence and Dead Before Dawn.

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