I Am Legend

DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Maria Realph

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I Am Legend

The two-disc edition of I Am Legend boasts its fair share of special (and some not-so-special) features. The first disc contains the original release of the film, together with four animated shorts that seem to serve no discernible purpose, other than being a bit ‘arty’. Unless you’re a big comic book fan, you could skip these without losing any sleep.

The second disc reveals an alternate ending – and if you thought the original finale was bad (as our reviewer did), then just be glad you weren’t subjected to this. It makes the original conclusion look like The Usual Suspects in comparison, though it’s worth watching if you fancy a bit of a laugh (at the movie, not with it).

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However, this disc isn’t entirely without merit, as it also contains some fascinating footage. Cautionary Tale: The Science of I Am Legend looks at past and present threats from viruses – and all of a sudden the prospect of a worldwide ‘plague’ no longer seems limited to the realms of science fiction. It’s strangely compelling watching, even if it does make you want to whip out a protective mask the next time someone sneezes on the bus.

There’s also a DVD-ROM PC Weblink enabling you to view some interesting bonus material, providing you’ve got compatible equipment – and the patience. Trying to access this made me feel as though I was attempting to crack some top-secret database (upgrade this… restart that…), though maybe you’ll have better luck, or at least a better computer.

It was just about worth it in the long run though, as the mini-documentary gallery offers nearly 50 minutes of behind-the-scenes recordings. Interviews with the cast and crew provide a real insight into just what a mammoth project this movie was; particular highlights include the clips about shooting the evacuation sequence and the footage about closing off Fifth Avenue. Admittedly there’s some waffle from leads Will Smith and Alice Braga, who wax lyrical about their roles (it’s acting guys, not rocket science), but that’s a reasonably small price to pay for otherwise enjoyable material. What’s more, people buying the two-disc special edition can obtain a digital download of the movie until March 18, 2009 (again, system requirements apply).

All things considered, this DVD release isn’t quite the stuff of legend – but it still gets four stars for effort.

Reviewed on: 30 May 2008
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In the aftermath of a devastating plague, the last man left must fight off those who are no longer human like him.
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Product Code: DY29448

Region: 2

Ratio: 2.40:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Alternative ending, A Cautionary Tale: The Science Behind I Am Legend, Making Of, Digital Copy for use with PCs and MP4 Players, Animated Comic: Death As A Gift, Animated Comic: Isolation, Animated Comic: Sacrificing The Few For The Many, Animated Comic: Shelter

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