Holy Motors

DVD Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

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Holy Motors

"Reinvention is always necessary."

This is a typical observation from the philosophical, chain-smoking, lip-chewing director Leos Carax during the hour-long question and answer session with him from 2012's Locarno Film Festival that forms the meat of the extras on Artificial Eye's DVD release.

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Insisting that he should do "Q&Qs" not Q&As, the Holy Motors helmer goes on to discuss some of the philosophical underpinnings of his film, including his assertion that "courage is waning" in the world, the fact he sees cinema as "a big nightmare" and his declaration that: "We make films for the dead and then show them to the living".

Answers, as he suggests, are in short supply but there is plenty of food for thought and considerable insight into Carax's directorial perspective, including his love of editing and his hatred of digital. His opinions on the latter are, like many of his considerations, paradoxical - he believes digital film was sold like a drug but on the other hand admits that it is very helpful. A sense of the absurd is lent to the session when, shortly before the end, Carax's interviewer disappears for a phone call... from another life, perhaps?

Also included are eight minutes' worth of deleted scenes: M Merde and Kay M Part Ways, Kylie A Capella, Mr Oscar and Denis and Master Of The Invisible Camera. All are interesting and the a capella Kylie, in particular, affecting.

A trailer rounds out the disc.

Reviewed on: 04 Feb 2013
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From dawn to dusk, a few hours in the life of Monsieur Oscar, a shadowy character who journeys from one life to the next.
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Product Code: ART 055 BD

Region: 2

Ratio: 16:9

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Deleted scenes, Conversation with Leos Carax from Locarno Film Festival 2012, trailer

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