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Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

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James Stewart in Harvey

Excluding the trailer that promotes the THRILL of the film (isn't this a comedy?), the only extra is James Stewart's audio introduction, accompanied by on-and-off screen photographs. Although quite short and recorded 40 years after the film was released, it is strangely moving to be within earshot of Elwood P Dowd once again.

He calls Harvey "one of my favourites" and says that the rabbit "became a very close friend of mine." For years afterwards, people would come up to him on the street and tap him on the shoulder. "They may not have shaved for a couple of days, or had their shirts pressed, and they would ask, 'Where's Harvey?' At first, I thought it was a joke, but it happened all over the country. I had answers prepared. I said, 'He has a cold. He decided to stay at home.' And they would say, 'Give him my regards.'"

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The writer Mary Chase won a Pulitzer Prize for the play that packed them in on Broadway for over five years. Stewart played Elwood on the stage in London for six months, before making the film. He says they loved it and then tells a story about the Saturday matinees when all the children came. "The first act was alright. I see the kids squirming around in their seats. During the second act a kid couldn't take it anymore and stood up and shouted, 'Where's the rabbit?'"

In the film, Elwood says that Harvey is 6'3'', but Stewart contradicts himself. "He has to be 6'8'', because I am 6'3'' and I look up to him. I say he is 6'8''.

Reviewed on: 01 Nov 2005
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One man and his bunny.
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