Hard Boiled Sweets

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: James Benefield

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Hard Boiled Sweets

The extras for this are as flashy, slick, and dare I say it, as self-regarding as the film itself but if you like the film there is material of interest here.

The most substantial extra is the making of documentary which is nicely put together but is pretty static – a succession of talking heads, mostly praising how great they thought the script was. There's a featurette which is all too short about how director David L.G. Hughes developed Hard Boiled Sweets from a short movie, A Girl And A Gun

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And then we get A Girl And A Gun itself. For its complete lack of budget, the short film is pretty impressive, and it's definitely the highlight of the bundle. Paul Freeman is particularly nasty as South End gangster Eddie, and the piece zips along nicely. It's actually a lot more fun than Hard Boiled Sweets.

There are also some deleted scenes which total to about five minutes – all are well shot but have been deleted for a reason.

Reviewed on: 27 Apr 2012
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Gangsters exchange arch lines and hatch desperate plans under the bright lights of Southend.
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Product Code: B005YWS7PE

Region: 2

Extras: Making-of documentary, short film, featurette, deleted scenes.

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