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Reviewed by: Martin Gray

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Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta as Sandy and Danny in Grease

In the beginning was the word and the word was Grease. It had groove, it had meaning and now Grease fans have a splendid edition of the high school music with a fun new feature - the Rydell High Sing-Along.

OK, it's not the first time Grease has come with subtitles, but here, as well as the film and a stack of extras, are all the musical numbers together, with karaoke-friendly subtitles - the lyrics change colour, begging to be sung. It's an old idea - remember the bouncing ball that landed on lyrics in the olden days? - so old, that it'll seem new to many a tweenie. As for their big sisters and big sissies, it's the perfect excuse for a pajama (US spelling mandatory) party.

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Even better for your sleepover, there's a 50s Beauty School short showing just how to get the Sandra Dee look and more.

Tell you more, tell you more? How about 11 deleted/extended scenes, all in black and white for that authentic 'never made it to the original print' look. Bar a few wonderfully dirty jokes from principal Eve Arden, they don't add much, but for Grease groupies, they're work their weight in gold. Or pink.

The commentary by director Randal Kleiser - looking better now in his introduction and cameos around the extras than he did in 1978 - and choreographer Patricia Birch is above average, full of snippets about the cast, crew and filming. It's quite sweet that Birch, who was also involved in the stage show, can't quite remember which of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies were involved with the various pre-movie productions. So many hoofers...

And it's truly touching to see cast members at the 25th anniversary DVD launch party struggling to recreate their classic performances - shambolic is the word, but in a nice sense. Olivia Newton-John, mind, shows that she still has it.

There's a wee film on choreographing the production numbers; interviews with producers Allan Carr and Robert Stigwood, ONJ and a terrifically gauche John Travolta on Grease Day, which celebrated the film's original release; the inevitable 'making of' documentary, trailers, photo galleries and, for the boy who likes his toys, a look at how Greased Lightning was customised.

And of course, there's the film itself, as fresh today as ever . . . this is one grease I never want to wash off.

Reviewed on: 07 Nov 2006
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Cult musical about the romance between a naive Aussie and school stud. Singalong version back in cinemas for Valentine's Day.
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Product Code: PHE9066

Region: 2

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Rydell high Singalong; The Time, The Place, the Motion - The Making of Grease; deleted scenes; Grease DVD launch party; The Moves Behind The Music; Thunder Roadsters; commentary; 50s Beauty School; Grease Day USA interview; trailers; photo galleries

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