DVD Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Rooted as it is in high school culture, G.B.F. is a highly social film, perhaps too much so for many cinemas. It's perfect for getting people energised at the start of a party or for watching with friends on a high-spirited night in. Its vivid colour palette means its strong cinematography still looks striking on the small screen, though it deserves a good sound system. Alongside the film itself, a mountain of extras will make fans feel really well provided for. There's a bit of overlap between interview clips in the features, but not much, and the fact everybody's speaking at Valley speed means twice as much gets said as in most features of equivalent length. Director Darren Stein, in particular, is full of entertaining anecdotes and explores the ideas within the film with a complexity some viewers might not have been expecting. Practically every cast member has some insight to share on camera and everybody seems to be having an fantastic time, making the features as infectiously entertaining as the film itself.

The audio commentary is very much in the spirit of the film, is packed with gossip about the actors and has a particularly passionate focus on fashion. It helps to put across just how personal a film this was for all involved, how it was informed by real life experiences and how the vibrant atmosphere of the high school developed from the connections that formed between the film's young stars. The addition of physical extras neatly fits in with teen movie chic. All that's missing is a badge or similar fashion accessory.

Reviewed on: 15 Apr 2014
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After being accidentally outed, a shy teenager finds he has become the ultimate fashion accessory - the Gay Best Friend.
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Region: 2

Extras: Making Of documentary, director interview, behind the scenes feature, improvised rap video, trailer, audio commentary, G.B.F. dictionary leaflet, mini Black Cat brochure/magazine with interviews.

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