Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell

Blu-Ray Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell

Reissued in a handsome new package, the sixth and final Hammer Frankenstein film is finally given its due as a work which may have seemed out of touch on release but which can now be appreciated independently of that context. It comes with a choice of two audio commentaries. Kat Ellinger's is endearingly heartfelt but somewhat repetitive, even early on; the other, however, is full of interesting little insights and anecdotes, reuniting start Shane Briant and Madeline Smith for the first time since the shoot was completed. There's relatively little overlap between the two.

In addition to this, the package includes a discourse on the film by David Huckvale which is informative rather than merely appreciative and will be particularly valuable to those approaching the film for the first time. Huckvale also addresses the music of the film in a separate featurette, using his piano to support his points, and referencing wider musical themes within Hammer's output. If you're keen on playing music yourself, it's worth having an instrument handy when watching this one.

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The Taking Over The Asylum featurette includes some fascinating material on production design and what went on on the set of the film, supported by a wealth of photos taken there. Shane Briant reappears to share his thoughts, along with the Monster From Hell himself, Dave Prowse. Throughout the package, but here particularly, tribute is paid to the much-missed Peter Cushing, and there's a look at some of the notes he wrote for himself when playing Frankenstein. Subsequently, there's a mini-biopic of Terence Fisher which includes details of the director's pre-Hammer career and contributions from his daughter, who bears a striking resemblance to him.

Finally, there's a stills gallery. These features are often fairly pointless, especially in an era when most people prefer to access images online, but in this case it's well worth a look, with a myriad wonderfully composed photographs capturing the film's characters and the characters behind them in particularly expressive moments.

Reviewed on: 28 Aug 2022
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A young surgeon committed to an asylum finds himself taken on as an assistant by its resident doctor, the legendary Baron Frankenstein.
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Jennie Kermode: DVD

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Extras: New audio commentary by film academic Kat Ellinger; archive audio commentary by Shane Briant, Madeline Smith and Marcus Hearn; an appreciation of the film by David Huckvale; The Music Of Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell; Taking Over The Asylum; Charming Evil: Terence Fisher At Hammer; stills gallery

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