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Finally Sunday

The introduction by Serge Toubiana is quite short and appears to have an insider's knowledge. The decision to use black-and-white was a major problem apparently because TV in those days would only consider showing films in colour.

"Strengthened by the success of The Last Metro, Truffaut remained resolute."

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What interested him in the project was that the murder investigation was done by a woman and Truffault said, "As in literature, women carry intrigue better than men." Also, he wanted to give something to Fanny Ardant. What better than Barbara, the amateur sleuth?

Toubiana is very much in evidence in the "audio commentary by Jean-Louis Trintignant," which is more of an interview than anything else.

He is honest about the script ("It wasn't great") and working with Truffaut ("One of the most interesting guys that I've met. He was sensitive. He was nice, intelligent…really a fantastic guy") for the first time.

Trintignant's admiration stretched to Ardant, also, whom he liked tremendously. Although he found the plot of Finally Sunday! "implausible," he thoroughly enjoyed making the film. "I had never worked in such a joyful atmosphere," he said.

He felt sad that this should have been Truffaut's last. "Amongst his body of work, it's only a small thing." He believed the film to be about love, "expressing his feelings for Fanny."

Much of "the commentary" is off the point, even though Toubiana, who talks the most, tries in vain to find a balance. Trintignant says he's given up acting, certainly in films. "I shouldn't have made so many - 120, or 125. I should have stopped and done some theatre." He can't watch films now, not even good ones.

"I like music more and more."

He wants to concentrate on directing for the theatre, he says.

He is self deprecating about his performance in Finally Sunday! "I didn't think I was any good. At the start, I was awful." You wouldn't notice.

He missed the New Wave "because I was doing my National Service. I didn't know Truffaut." He was glad that they had this chance. "At the end of the film, I said to him 'I really liked working with you, but I didn't like the script.' He said, 'Me, neither.'"

Truffaut co-wrote the script.

Reviewed on: 18 Oct 2006
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Murder mystery involving an estate agent and his secretary in the South of France.
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