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Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

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The quality of the print is not consistent, at times beautifully clear, at others grainy.

The majority of the extras are advertising other Metro Tartan product, or providing thumbnail biographies in a paragraph of prose. If you like trailers, you'll be happy.

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The interview with the director, Liv Ullmann, is fascinating because of her history of working with Bergman as an actress from the age of 25. She talks of him with affection and a certain respect, especially for his writing.

"There is a lot of woman in Bergman himself," she says. "The things that hurt him are the things that hurt women more than men."

She thinks that they are opposites ("I am not that dark") and believes that he is unforgiving against himself and the world. "He still phones me and says I am his dearest woman friend."

Faithless was a year in pre-production. She does not like actors to give everything in rehearsal. Emotionally, she wants them to hold back for when the cameras roll. "Usually every actor is best on the first take." She doesn't understand how Kubrick did 30-40 takes on a single scene. She works with theatre actors who prefer long one-offs, with no repeat.

The only annoying thing about the Ullmann interview is that before every question, there is a heading to explain what she is about to talk about. This wastes time and is unnecessary.

I wish it had gone on longer. Ullmann, at 62, is intelligent, warm and manifestly sensible.

Reviewed on: 04 Sep 2001
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A woman tells the tale of her infidelity.
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