Event Horizon

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Gator MacReady

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Event Horizon

The 2.35:1 anamorphic picture is superb in all aspect and colour fidelity is perfect with excellent blacks. The Dolby 5.1 soundtrack is also aggressive and uses the .1 LFE to great effect. Chilling sound effects are heard in all speakers and you will surely be cowering behind your sofa. This DVD is the best way to enjoy an effects-filled movie.

Theatrical trailer also included.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 31 Aug 2001
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Event Horizon packshot
Deep space rescue mission crew are tormented by evil from another dimension.
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Product Code: PHE 8039

Region: 2

Ratio: 2.35:1 Anamorphic

Sound: English, German Dolby 5.1

Extras: Theatrical Trailer

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