Entertaining Mr Sloane

Blu-Ray Rating: ****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Entertaining Mr Sloane

Douglas Hickox's cinema take on Joe Orton's first play is accompanied here by a fantastic slate of extras which add a lot of value for fans and newcomers alike. New interviews with his sister Leonie and biographer John Lahr reveal how their thoughts have changed over the years and provide fresh insights into Joe's life, character and talent. Both are part of longer pieces continued on the Blu-ry release of Loot, but they stand well enough on their own.

In addition to this, Peter McEnery talks about why he was drawn to the role of Sloane and how, for him, the sexuality in the play was a minor part of what made the character interesting. There's a lengthy featurette on locations which is charming in a geeky sort of way but which not every viewer will have the stamina for; and there's the original trailer, which is unfocused, meandering, and fascinatingly at odds with what we're used to today.

Copy picture Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2017
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A young man with a dodgy past takes up residence in a large house by seducing his landlady and her brother.

Product Code: B071FH99T9

Region: 2

Extras: Leonie Orton: Remembering Joe; John Lahr on Joe Orton; interview with Peter McEnery; Locations featurette with Richard Dacre; trailer

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