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Reviewed by: Keith Dudhnath

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Inexplicably, the picture isn't anamorphic, meaning the picture quality takes an immediate hit. Although the film only consists of interviews, it's disappointing that it hasn't been presented properly. The sound quality is fine, but there are no subtitles.

The prospect of a 40-minute extended interview with Michael Dorn filled me with some dread. He was a fascinating subject in the main feature, but I assumed the extended interview would be the geeky and boring bits for Star Trek fanboys, which didn't fit into the documentary. Thankfully, he was just as insightful and eloquent throughout this interview. He serves as a perfect counterpoint to the Klingon speakers as he is respectful of their choice, and devotion to the television shows, without immersing himself into that world.

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Alexandre O Philippe's interview is also worth a look. In it, he makes the case for the visual style of the documentary. Although I still think it is one of Earthlings' major failings, I was glad to have heard the reasons for his choices. He can't maintain the audience's interest throughout his commentary. It starts off reasonably, but soon descends to extremely lengthy periods of silence. It would have been better to interview him for 10 minutes more, and leave off the commentary.

Oh, and you can view the DVD menus in Klingon if you want to.

Reviewed on: 19 Oct 2006
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A documentary about Klingon speakers.
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Product Code: SWIPE001

Region: 2

Ratio: 2.35:1 (not anamorphic)

Sound: Dolby Digital stereo

Extras: Director's commentary, interview with director, extended interview with Michael Dorn.

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