Dollhouse: Season One

Dollhouse: Season One

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Leon Nicholson

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Ther is not much in the way of extras on this set, barring episode one, which comes complete with commentary from creator Joss Whedon and lead/producer Eliza Dushku.

From their banter, it seems that they have a fantastic working relationship on and off the screen and they do sound as though they are having genuine fun. The commentary reveals a few insights into the creation of Dollhouse as well as their thoughts on what worked and what could have been improved in the episode, plus their opinions on the rest of the cast.

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However, a lack of deleted scenes, bloopers, etc, means special features are very thin on the ground, which is extremely disappointing.

Reviewed on: 13 Sep 2009
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Dollhouse: Season One packshot
Volunteers are imprinted with new personas so they can become 'bodies for hire'.
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Product Code: 4166401000

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.78:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku commentary on episode one

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