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Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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In a world full of remakes and rehashes, there's a handful films that are truly unique. Curtain is one of them. If you like it at all, you will probably fall in love with it, and its cult appeal means it's bound to become a treasured part of may people's DVD collections. it's introduced here by the Frightfest Presents team who talk about that appeal and what a huge success it has been at festivals.

Director Jaron Henrie-McCrea, who spoke to us about the fun he had making this film, is also a bit of a one-off, and for the purposes of shaping up this DVD he has created a making of film - How To Curtain - which takes us through the process day by day with the aid of fluorescent caption cards and an incredibly perky voiceover from actor Tim Lueke. This will be a bit much for some viewers but fans of the film will probably get into the spirit of it and enjoy the anecdotes included in its tale of guerilla film-making. Apartments are borrowed, transport authorities are dodged, cast and crew explore locations that seem on the brink of collapse, and there's a trip to 'the most haunted road in New Jersey'. You can watch six people crowd into a tiny bathroom to try and get the perfect shot, then be reminded that there's also a cat present in the house, ready to get underfoot as camera equipment is precariously balanced at unconscionable angles.

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Also present here is audio commentary featuring Jaron, co-writer Carys Edwards, actors Tim Lueke, Danni Smith and Martin Monahan, and composer Adam Skerritt. They're all close friends and have an established rapport that keeps this energetic throughout.

Finally, this disc includes trailers for other July and August releases on the Frightfest Presents label. There's some good stuff there, but Curtain is in a league of its own.

Reviewed on: 16 Jul 2016
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Where does the mysterious interdimensional portal behind the shower curtain in Danni's new apartment lead?

Product Code: B01FANH4QY

Region: 2

Extras: Introduction; How To Curtain; audio commentary; trailers

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