Brain Damage

DVD Rating: **1/2

Reviewed by: Chris

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Brain Damage

There are very few DVD extras. But we do have a commentary by director Frank Henenlotter, Bob Martin who wrote a novel based on the film, and filmmaker Scooter McRae.

DVD commentaries, to me, feel just like someone talking in a film. There are times when I long for a more academic analysis where classics of cult or popular culture are concerned. But their reminiscences are touching and will no doubt be treasured for years to come.

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A trailer is also included.

Reviewed on: 06 Dec 2007
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A man becomes attached to a parasite that gives him an unnatural high.
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Product Code: 2NDVD3128

Region: 2

Ratio: 1:1.78

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Digital 2.0

Extras: Commentary, trailer

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