Bowling For Columbine

Bowling For Columbine

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Josh Morrall

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Michael Moore justifies his decision to place interns on the feature commentary by saying that it has never been done before. It may be original, but it's not anything special. I felt like I was in a chat room, or a Michael Moore web site forum, with a bunch of people who have a lot to say, confident that what they are saying is their own ideas, when, really, there is not an original thought in any of their heads. This one is for die hard Moore fans only.

Disc Two offers quantity, rather than range, and is very much in the Michael Moore style of entertainment. You will not find deleted scenes, or outtakes, on this disc, that's for sure.

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Moore's interview on his Oscar speech does not include any Academy Award footage, because they couldn't get the copyright from the Academy. Instead, you get the director sitting on his garden bench, speaking to the camera for 15 minutes. The most interesting part of this interview is when he talks about how the audience members, who were booing, were not actually booing at him, but rather at the people who were clapping.

No, Michael, no.

Bill Clinton's press secretary interviews him in a 20 minute segment that also sees the director receiving a free speech award from the First Amendment Society - mildly interesting, although not particularly entertaining. Moore cracks the occasional unfunny joke about his wife before the press secretary leads him onto another easy subject which doesn't initiate anything exciting.

Whilst the press secretary is in love with Moore, Charlie Rose is not. The Charlie Rose Show is boring, no question about it, but it is more energetic and heated than the flaccid exchange between two Democrats. Again, it is based solely around Moore's criticisms of George W Bush's reign over America and the threat of nuclear destruction.

He assumes his viewers are all looking to be preached at and absolutely no information of the filmmaking process exists on this DVD. You get an entirely misplaced Marilyn Manson music video that stands out like Michael Moore at an NRA rally.

The photo gallery is much like the commentary, focussing on the little people. If I wanted reality, I'd be watching Big Brother.

The teacher's guide can only be accessed through PC computers. Mac users will have to visit the web site.

This is a hefty package and a film certainly worthy of the amount of extras it receives. There is over 90 minutes of content here, all of which is, unfortunately, in the spirit of the film.

More of a political debate than an entertaining selection of extras, I am sure there are several college students who will go wild over this DVD. It is not for the average film lover.

Go buy Armageddon.

Reviewed on: 11 Jun 2004
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Documentary maker Michael Moore turns the spotlight on American gun culture.
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Product Code: MP291D

Region: 2

Ratio: 1.85:1

Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

Extras: Disc 1: The film; Theatrical trailer; Feature Commentary by interns with introduction by Michael Moore. Disc 2: Exclusive Michael Moore interview on his Oscar win and acceptance speech; Michael Moore interview press secretary Joe Lockhart; Teacher’s Guide; Return to Littleton/Denver 6 months after release of Bowling for Columbine; Michael Moore on “The Charlie Rose Show”; Marilyn Manson “Fight Song” music video; Photo gallery.

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