DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Neil Mitchell

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A short collection of extras back up the main feature. Only a few minutes in length and divided into behind the camera, cast, locations, production and outtakes segments, these little glimpses into Bloodstorm's off-screen life from inception to completion could do with being longer, as they barely have time to register before finishing. From these featurettes, it's clear to see that Lawson is an amiable guy who took to his first directing role with admirable pragmatism, enthusiasm and professionalism. Likewise, the cast and crew seem to have entered into the spirit of things in refreshingly unassuming fashion.

Reviewed on: 10 Aug 2012
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Scientific researchers in Antarctica uncover a surviving Nazi colony.
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Product Code: REVD2950

Region: 2

Extras: Brief behind the camera, cast, locations, production and out-takes featurettes.

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