Bicycle Thieves

DVD Rating: **

Reviewed by: Ben Sillis

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Bicycle Thieves

The main feature of the extras comprises a 50-minute documentary on Vittorio De Sica. It makes for interesting viewing, even if it is largely a montage of film clips and old interviews, particularly for those (like me) unacquainted with his other work. Most surprising are clips from the film De Sica made following The Bicycle Thieves, a modern fantasy fairytale (Miracle In Milan) that sees people taking off into the clear blue sky on broomsticks - as far as you could hope to get from neo-realism. Overall, the documentary is let down by a rather smug, self-congratulatory presentation by De Sica himself.

A meagre selection of poster and lobby stills and a trailer round off a mediocre package.

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The subtitling of the main feature, however, is truly excellent and intuitive. Obvious statements and gestures are left untranslated so as not to clog up the screen, with only the most basic comments in English. This doesn't detract from the film's impact in anyway, rather allows you to get the full flavour, with minimal distraction, and is how all foreign films should be subtitled.

Reviewed on: 05 Mar 2006
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The poverty of opportunity in post war Italy. Out on re-release in December.
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Product Code: FCD251

Region: 2

Ratio: 4:3

Sound: Dolby Digital

Extras: Timeless Cinema: a documentary on Vittorio De Sica; trailer; original poster artwork & lobby stills

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