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Reviewed by: Chris

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I watched this film on DVD in order to review it, but it didn't have quite the same effect as watching it in a cinema. I remember then that the rape scene had been particularly traumatic, not only in itself but in watching the terrible effect it had on one of the characters. This for me was the best thing about the film and maybe it was cuts or maybe it just isn't as shocking sitting in the comfort of one's living room.

But the best reason to get the DVD is the excellent documentary and short Q&A. One of the directors is also the successful author. Her co-director, surprisingly perhaps to some people when we realise she is also an ex porn-star, is quite an intellectual and analyses the film and the issues it raises quite well.

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Yet although they have had encouragement from cinema heavyweights such as Gaspar Noe, they are very down to earth and as virulent as Catherine Breillat when it comes to attacking establishment censors. They also have a go at people who seemed to think the ban was a publicity stunt, and describe the work of promoting the film as hell. "Promotion was like spending months trying to explain the Dead Kennedys to people who only listen to classical music."

Reviewed on: 25 Sep 2007
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A prostitute and her friend go on the rampage after being gang raped.
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Extras: Making of documentary, Q&A with the directors, trailer

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