Angry Kid

Angry Kid

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Keith Dudhnath

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The picture is slightly grainy, but this is due to the animation process, rather than the DVD transfer. Angry Kid's audio quality is fine, with no noticeable problems, and the monaural output isn't limiting. The subtitles are all in working order.

The foreign language versions, and school and police reports are quite amusing, but don't bear repeat viewings. The funniest of the quick jokes is the "Director's cut", an episode with overly dramatic music, which is funnier than it sounds, honest!

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The montage and stills gallery are rather uninspiring, as they always are. The Season Two trailer only serves to annoy those who want more than the statutory 30 mins . If twice as many shorts were available, would it be too much to ask that they be included?

Thankfully, the Making Of featurette rescues everything. It offers plenty of intriguing insights into the animation process, without ever being needlessly technical, or boring. All in all, the extras are fun and appropriate, if a little sparse.

Angry Kid is one DVD whose menus deserve comment. As you might expect, they've been properly animated, and are as good as a new episode in their own right. It's a shame that you have to wait for them to slowly cycle through the navigation options, though.

Grumbles aside, Angry Kid is a DVD that you should own and love. You might want to wait until you can own and love it at a price more appropriate to its running length.

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2003
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Animation shorts about an annoying child.
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Ratio: 4:3 full frame

Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono

Extras: Making Of featurette; "Director

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